Race Across Series

Do you want to live a unique experience? To participate in the organisation of the biggest ultracycling events in France, Belgium, Switzerland or the UK? We need you!

Whether you are a student, active or retired, a sportsman or a novice, we need each of you to make this event a success. Your skills are essential, your help is needed and your support is indispensable.

In 2023, we look forward to seeing you at :

  1. The Race Across Paris by Van Rysel from 20 to 23 April
  2. The Race Across Belgium from 11 to 14 May
  3. The Race Across France by Van Rysel from 22 June to 02 July
  4. The Race Across Switzerland by Assos from 13 to 16 July
  5. The Race Across UK from 31 August to 3 September

    Registration is open, join us by filling in this form⤵️